Sleepy Nest


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  • Cozy and Comfortable for baby
  • Creates a safe sleeping area for baby at home or away
  • Lightweight and easy to travel with.
  • 100% Cotton removable covers



Babies need to feel safe and secure and the Sleepy Nest is the ultimate cozy nest offering your little one a safe, comfy spot to sleep, play, lounge or co-sleep. The raised sides will ensure that your baby remains perfectly positioned on the soft foam mattress.

The cute nest is ideal for co-sleeping and will make you feel comfortable with your little one nearby – the perfect way to bond with your baby!

The Sleepy Nest is lightweight and portable and with the use of a carry handle it is perfect for travelling from room to room or to friends and family. Suitable from birth to 12 months as a closed cocoon and with a tug on a ribbon the cocoon will open to grow with your baby.

This cozy and soft sleepy nest with its soft, breathable, 100% cotton cover and padded polyester mattress is pure luxury. For easy care the covers can be zipped off and are washable.

The infant support pillow prevents flat head syndrome and will provide the best support for your baby.

Sleep peacefully whilst knowing your baby has the best.