Double Trouble
4 in 1 Feeding Pillow for Twins

Finally, a feeding pillow for twins with more than one use! No more fussing will pillows that fall out. The feeding pillow is soft and comfortable for mom and babies. The cover is removable for washing.

BREAST FEEDING – Breast Feeding two babies can be a challenge. Flip the centre cushion to form a back rest. The buckle is used to hold the pillow in place around mommy’s tummy whilst she sits comfortably feeding her babies.

BOTTLE FEEDING – Use the buckle to make two nests. Babies lie comfortably for bottle feeding.

TUMMY TIME – Challenge your little explorers during tummy time. Place them on their tummies over the front of the pillow and give them objects to reach out too.

ASSISTED SITTING – Give your babies the support they need when learning to sit. Should they topple over there will be a soft comfortable cushion to receive them.

A must for all twin mommies!

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