Double Trouble personally understands the high risk of a twin pregnancy and the increased risk and challenges of having a set of premature twins. Double Trouble also realizes the importance of human milk in the NICU and would like to provide the best possible breast pumps during this challenging time to ensure that your premature babies get the best possible nutrition as the content of human milk makes a considerable contribution to the best possible development of premature babies. It is through our personal experience that we encourage the use of the Medela breast pumps.

Double Trouble and Medela share the same goal as you – the best possible development and health for your little babies.


Human milk is important

The use of human milk in the NICU can have a decisive impact on children and their relatives. We are here to help by providing babies in the NICU with human milk whenever possible.


Research has shown:

  • Length of stay was reduced from an average of 88 days to 73 days if babies were fed more than 50ml/kg human milk per day compared to formula feeding.
  • Number of days for oxygen therapy was significantly reduced from 33 days for infants fed formula feed to only 19 days for infants fed fortified human milk.
  • Late onset sepsis was reduced from 22% for infants fed formula feed to only 19% for infants fed fortified human milk.


Thanks to human milk, the following risks can be reduced:

  • Necrotizing entercolitis by up to 86%.
  • Ear infections by up to 50%.
  • Serious respiratory tract infections by 72%.
  • Gastroenteritis by more than 50%.
  • Re-admission of infant by 60%.
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