Choosing the right car seat

The best car seat is the one that fits your child, fits your car and is easy to install and use. So how do you pick the right one? Here are some tips for car seat safety:

How big is your child?
There are two regulations for car seats:

  • i-Size (R129) uses the length of the child to classify car seats
  • ECE R44/04 uses the child’s weight to divide car seats into groups

To make sure the car seat is a good fit, it’s essential to get the one that’s right for your child’s height and weight. All of our car seats are categorised as follows:

Baby (group 0+)
0-13 kg (birth to approx. 1 year)
Approx. 40 to 75 cm

9-18 kg (approx. 9 months to 4 years)
Approx. 70 to 105 cm

15-36 kg (approx. 3.5 years to 12 years)
Approx. 100 to 135/150 cm

Which type of installation can you use in your car?
You can install car child seats using ISOFIX fittings or seat belts. Whichever way you do it, it’s absolutely crucial to install the car seat correctly. An ISOFIX car seat is the safest, easiest and quickest way to install a child car seat. Car seat belt installation is flexible, but parents need to be extra careful to make sure the car seat is installed correctly in order to avoid misuse.

When is the best time to change to a bigger car seat?
Each car seat is tailored to the exact length, weight and age of the child to keep them safe and comfortable. So be careful not to put your child in a bigger car seat too soon. At Maxi-Cosi, we recommend keeping your baby in a rear facing baby car seat for as long as possible. How long this is will depend on the weight and length of your baby. For weight and length limits, check the car seat manual.

Switching from a baby car seat to a toddler car seat
Switch to a toddler car seat when the top of baby’s head comes up over the top of the seat back.

When should I switch to from a toddler to a child car seat?
Switch to a Group 2/3 child car seat when the upper belt position is lower than the child’s shoulder.

When should I stop using a child car seat?
There’s no legal requirement to use the seat once the child reaches 135cm or 150cm tall, depending on the country you’re in. We recommend keeping your child in a booster seat with a backrest until they reach the required height, or until the age of 12.

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