Frequently Asked Questions


What colours is the travel system available in?

What is the maximum weight the toddler pram seat can hold?

Can the toddler pram seat recline flat?

Is the pram toddler seat reversible?

When can I use the toddler pram seat?

Can I go for a jog with the pram?

Does it come with the car seat adaptors or do I need to buy them separately?

Can the Single Pram be converted into a Twin pram if I have another baby?

Can I remove the pram toddler seat cover to clean?

How small is the frame when folded?

Does it come with a cup holder?

I live on a farm, can the pram handle uneven terrain?

What does the frame weigh?

Can I fold the pram with the pram toddler seat/(s) attached?

Do you sell any other accessories with the pram?

Do the wheels have tubes or rubber?


Up until what age/weight can I use the Maxi-Cosi Group 0 infant car seat?

Is it only compatible with the Maxi-Cosi Cabriofix, Pebble and Pebble Plus or can I use a different car seat?

Do you sell Isofix bases?

What is the difference between the FamilyFix and 2WayFix bases?

Is there a Group 1 car seat that can install onto the EasyBase 2 car seat base?

What is Isofix?

What is i-size?

Why is the first stage car seat rearward facing only?

How do I install the car seat into the car if I don’t have a base?

How do I know if my car comes with Isofix?

Can the car seats face each other on the twin pram frame?

How to remove the Cabriofix cover to clean?

Does the car seat come with a sun canopy?

How to install the Sun Canopy on the Group 0 car seats?


Up until what age/weight can I use the carry cot?

When would I use the carry cot?

Can I lend my single pram carry cot to my friend that has a twin pram?


If I want to place an order, what is the process?

Do I need to pay for delivery?

How long will it take to receive my pram?

Do you accept credit cards?


What is the warrantee and do you have spare parts?

Do you have spare parts for replacement?

Where are you based?

Are we able to view the prams anywhere?

Do you supply to any retailers?